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Up to 4,000 feet deep, the Columbia River Gorge stretches for more than 80 miles as the Columbia River winds westward through the Cascade Range, forming the boundary between the State of Washington to the north and Oregon to the south. Three volcanoes dominate the Cascades and are major attractions when visiting the Gorge. Majestic Mt. Hood is the highest point in Oregon. It is one of the three dormant volcanoes in this region, with Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens located across the river in Washington state.

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The Columbia River Gorge
is the largest national scenic area
in the United States.

Oregon's Mt. Hood is one of three volcanoes in the Columbia River Gorge Region

Mt. Hood, Oregon | 11,245 ft.

Washington's Mt. St. Helens is one of three volcanoes in the Columbia River Gorge Region

Mt. St. Helens, Washington | 8,364 ft.
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Washington's Mt. Adams is one of three volcanoes in the Columbia River Gorge Region

Mt. Adams, Washington | 12,326 ft.


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