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The Columbia River Gorge has some of the most incredible and breathtaking hiking trails in the world. Enjoy popular hikes with views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and Mt. St. Helens. Marvel at the hundreds of waterfalls and be blown away by the abundance of spring wildflowers. Journey through old-growth forests and desert prairies or hike to the top of Beacon Rock which is the core of an ancient volcano. All these and more are among favorites with hikers in the Gorge.
See below for featured popular hikes.

Avoid crowds by following these tips.
• Go Early – before 10 a.m.
• Go East – beyond Waterfall Alley
• Go North – discover Washington
• Go Midweek – Tuesday-Thursday

Play it safe by taking these steps.
• Choose trails that meet your group’s comfort and fitness level.
• Check road, weather and trail conditions before you leave.
• Tell someone where you are going and when you plan to be home.
• Research recreation use fees and bring cash to pay them.
• Pack the 10 Essentials.

• Appropriate footwear: boots or tennis shoes
• Map and compass or fully-charged phone with GPS
• Extra water and iodine tablets for purifying water
• Extra food • Rain gear and extra clothing: avoid cotton
• Firestarter, headlamp and a whistle • First aid kit
• Knife or multi-purpose tool • Sunscreen and sunglasses • Backpack

• Protect vital habitat by using authorized trails, campsites and boat launches.
• Leave no trace by packing out your trash and picking up litter you find.
• Stop the spread of invasive species by using a boot brush, available at many trailheads.
• Protect wildlife by keeping dogs on leash and picking up their waste.
• Be courteous. Don’t block parking spots or private driveways.
• Reduce carbon emissions and congestion by carpooling, taking a shuttle or biking.
• Respect local cultures, practices and resources.
• Help businesses prosper by shopping locally.
• Donate time and skills to local nonprofits and agencies.
• Support maintenance and conservation efforts by paying recreation fees.
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Easy: Level to gently rolling terrain and incline. Requires limited skill and has minimal physical challenges.
Moderate: Hiking that involves an increase in mileage and elevation gain.
More Difficult: Vigorous hiking with moderate hills and slopes.
Note: Changing weather conditions can affect hiking levels for trails.


For more info:

Watch out for poison oak while enjoying popular hikes in the Columbia River Gorge

Caution: Be aware there are rattlesnakes, ticks and poison oak that can be a hazard to both dogs and people along many of the trails. There are also creek crossings, so use caution especially in the spring months.

DON’T FORGET: A Northwest Forest Pass, Washington Discover Permit and Oregon State Parks Pass is required at many of the trailheads. You may purchase a season pass or day-use permit on site. For permit and pass information, click here.

Popular Hikes


Cape Horn Trail
wildflowers • view  |  Level: More Difficult |  7 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,300 ft.

This hike features gorgeous views, rocky crags, streams and two waterfalls. The full trail loop provides fantastic views of the Columbia River Gorge, an intimate look at Cape Horn Falls and a challenging workout as it climbs and descends the rocky slopes of Cape Horn. Note: The lower trail is closed from February 1st to July 15th to protect peregrine falcon nesting areas. Parts of the trail are narrow, which can be unsafe during heavy snow and ice conditions.
Getting there:
Follow State Hwy 14 west from Stevenson about 18 miles, pass Beacon Rock State Park, continue to the intersection with Salmon Falls Road, near MP 26. Turn right on Salmon Falls Road, parking area is on your right.
NOTE: No pass required

Dog Mountain
wildflowers • view  |  Level: More Difficult |  7 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 2,948 ft.

A very popular trail, particularly from mid-April through early June, when the hills are filled with blooming wildflowers. Hikers will see impressive
views of Mt. St. Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. The trail is somewhat challenging as it gains 2,948 feet and is 3.5 miles to the top. Plan four hours to hike this one and take water and food for the break on top.
Getting there:
To reach the trail, travel on Hwy 14 to MP 53. Dog Mountain is halfway between Stevenson and Bingen. Look for a large parking lot on the north side of the highway.
NOTE: NW Forest Pass required for parking.  //  DOG MOUNTAIN PARKING NOTE: Due to safety concerns, please note No Parking signs in the parking lot. Parking on the highway is not allowed and violators will be towed. NOTE: Permits will be required for each individual hiker on Saturdays and Sundays
from mid-April to mid-June. If parking at the trailhead, you will need to have both a per-person trail system permit and a per-car recreation day-use or annual pass. Hikers can reserve a permit through the online reservation system at a cost of $1 per permit. The number available will be limited to match parking capacity.
NOTE: A hiker permit is automatically included with the shuttle bus from Stevenson, WA. More shuttle info at: More info to purchase parking and visitor permits at: and

Wind Mountain
view  |  Level: Moderate to Difficult |  3 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,236 ft.

Wind Mountain is a relatively short but moderately challenging hike. The summit offers remarkable views of the Columbia River, Beacon Rock and Cascade Mountains. There are some spots on the trail that are rocky, so be cautious, and there can be rattlesnakes and poison oak along the trail.
Getting there:
Travel 6 miles east of Stevenson, WA on Hwy 14 and turn left on Wind Mountain Road (1/2 mile past the Home Valley Store). Travel just under 1.5 miles and take a right on Girl Scout Road. Just after the paved road gives way to gravel, you will see the parking area. Walk down the gravel road 200 yards to the trailhead.
NOTE: No pass required

Stacker Butte/Dalles Mountain Ranch
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Moderate |  5.4 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1500 ft.

The best time for this hike is mid-April through May for the wildflower show! A gravel road amongst the wide open field of wildflowers will take you to the top where you will see Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, Mt. Hood, Mt. St. Helens and Mt. Jefferson. Stunning!
Getting there:
From Bingen, WA travel 24 miles east to milepost 84.5. Turn left onto gravel Dalles Mountain Road. Proceed 3.4 miles on Dalles Mountain Road and turn left just before an old ranch and barn. Pass interpretive displays and continue on this rough dirt road for 1.4 miles to a gate.
NOTE: Washington State Discover Pass required

Hamilton Mountain
waterfalls • view  |  Level: More Difficult |  8 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 2,100 ft.

The trail to the top of Hamilton Mountain is a gradual climb offering spectacular views of the Columbia River and Bonneville Dam from the top. The first part of the hike is very popular with the first 1.3 miles taking you to Rodney Falls, Pool of the Winds and Hardy Falls.
Getting there: Driving west on Hwy 14 from Stevenson, turn right at Beacon Rock State Park. Parking area is on your right with trailhead located behind the restrooms.
NOTE: Washington State Discover Pass required

Catherine Creek Arch Loop
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Easy |  3.5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 500 ft.

Enjoy gorgeous views, astounding wildflowers, oak woodlands and open grasslands. More than 90 varieties of wildflowers bloom here, making this a favorite springtime destination.
Getting there:
Traveling 6 miles east of Bingen on Hwy 14, take a left on Old Hwy 8. Follow highway for 1.5 miles to parking area. The universal paved trail takes off to the right, the arch loop hike begins uphill to the left.
NOTE: No pass required

Beacon Rock
view  |  Level: Easy to Moderate |  2 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 848 ft.

Beacon Rock is the core of an ancient volcano and is a well known landmark that is recommended for the first time visitor to the Columbia River Gorge. The plug is 848 feet high with handrails lining most of the ascent. The trail is 4,500 feet long with a 15 percent grade and takes 45 minutes to an hour to make the round trip. Once on top of the rock, the view of the Columbia River Gorge is breathtaking.
Getting there:
Drive west on Hwy 14, 10 miles from Stevenson, Washington. You can’t miss the rock on your left at MP 35.
NOTE: Washington State Discover Pass required

Weldon Wagon Trail
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Moderate |  5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,168 ft.

A hidden gem of a hike with a wildflower display in the spring along with great colors of vine maples and oak woodlands in autumn. Look for views of Mt. Hood to the south as you walk along the ridge.
Getting there:
From Hood River, cross the bridge to Washington and turn left on Hwy 14. Go 1.6 miles and turn right onto State Route 141A. Head north for 2 miles then stay left to continue north on Hwy State Route 141. Go 3.8 miles and turn right onto Indian Creek Road. Follow this gravel road for .6 miles, then go left on Indian Cemetery Road. Look for a wide spot on the left where you can park, start the hike at the gated area across from the parking lot, walk ¼ mile and look for sign for the trail on your right.
NOTE: No pass required

Lower Falls Creek
waterfall  |  Level: Easy to Moderate |  4.4 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 800 ft.

This waterfall is well worth the hike! Not only do you see a spectacular waterfall but you also are hiking in a beautiful old growth forest. Start the hike by crossing the cable suspension bridge which spans a rock gorge providing spectacular views of the whitewater of Falls Creek. The trail ends at the waterfall so this is an out and back hike. Note: Trailhead is closed December 1 to March 31.
Getting there:
Take State Hwy 14 to Carson, Washington. Drive 15 miles north on Wind River Road (#30) to its junction with FS Road 3062, turn right and proceed 1.5 miles to Lower Falls Creek Trail 152A.
NOTE: No pass required

Lewis River Trail — Lower Falls Recreation Area
waterfall • view  |  Level: More Difficult |  3.5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 974 ft.

The Lewis River Trail follows the course of the Lewis River as it meanders through a magnificent old-growth forest of Douglas fir, western red cedar and big leaf maple. Spectacular waterfalls will delight you as you explore this route. The trail leaves the Lower Falls Campground, crosses Copper Creek and comes to Middle Falls. The trail circumvents a cliff above Upper Falls, providing excellent views of the falls. It crosses Alec Creek and terminates on FR 90, near Quartz Creek Trail #5.
Getting there:
Follow the Wind River Highway (Hwy 30) 40 miles north of Carson, Washington. Continue up and over Oldman Pass to FR 51 (Curly Creek Rd). Turn left. Stop by McClellan View Point for view of Mount St. Helens. Turn right on FR 90, follow to Lower Falls Recreation Area to Lewis River Trail #31.
NOTE: Parking at the middle, lower or upper Lewis River Falls parking lot now requires BOTH a parking permit AND Northwest Forest Pass. Tickets are available at

Labyrinth Falls/Little Maui Loop Trail
waterfall • wildflowers • view  |  Level: Difficult |  5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,200 ft.

You’ll find wildflowers, unique changing terrain, cascading waterfalls and gorgeous views on this trail. A great spring time hike but beware of ticks, poison oak and rattlesnakes! Follow the abandoned paved road and in 0.3 miles you will see the first of many waterfalls. Follow the obvious wide path to the right and at the fork stay to the right. You will get a view of Mt. Hood and Coyote Wall.
Getting there:
Travel 5 miles from Bingen to Old Hwy 8. Park immediately on the corner gravel lot. Head west on paved road.
NOTE: No pass required

Horsethief Butte
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Easy |  2 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 150 ft.

Starting from the parking area, take the first grassy path marked with stones to the right. Stay to the right and follow well marked trail on the flat area to the east side of the butte, trail ends here, turn back towards parking lot. Adventure on some of the side trails into rocky canyons to look for Native American art. Views of the river and wildflowers add to this adventure.
Getting there:
From Oregon, take I-84 to Exit #87/Hwy 197 north (The Dalles Dam Bridge). Cross the Columbia River and continue about 2 miles to WA Hwy 14. Turn right on Hwy 14 and drive about 2 miles to the signed trailhead on the right. From Washington, the trailhead is at about MP #86.
NOTE: Washington State Discover Pass required


Angels Rest
view  |  Level: Moderate to More Difficult |  5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,500 ft.

The trail to Angels Rest takes you to the top of the world with a spectacular 270 degree view of the Gorge, including many landmarks like Beacon Rock and Silver Star Mountain. It’s somewhat steep going up, so you’ll get a workout, but coming down is so much easier and quicker. Keep your dogs on a leash and kids close by on top, the cliffs are huge and steep.
Getting there:
From the west, take I-84 east to Exit #28/Bridal Veil. Follow the road to the stop sign and turn right onto the Historic Columbia River Highway. The parking lot is immediately on the right. From the east, take I-84 west to Exit #35/Ainsworth State Park. Follow the historic Columbia River Highway for 7.1 miles to Angels Rest.
NOTE: No pass required

Wahclella Falls
waterfall • view  |  Level: Moderate |  2 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 440 ft.

Wahclella Falls is a 350-foot two tiered plunge, with the final 60-foot section providing a horsetail fall into an enormous splash pool. The easy, well graded trail climbs moderately along Tanner Creek for 0.9 mile, splitting into a loop about three quarters of the way and ending at the base of the falls.
Getting there:
Take Exit 40 off I-84 for Bonneville Dam. Head south to the trailhead called Tanner Creek Trail (Wahclella Falls).
NOTE: NW Forest Pass required

Pacific Crest Trail Day Hike/Dry Creek Falls
waterfall  |  Level: Easy to Moderate |  4.4 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 700 ft.

Take a tour through lush green forests to the base of 70 foot Dry Creek Falls. This popular out and back starts at the Bridge of the Gods trailhead. From the trailhead, cross the road. At Moody Street, walk uphill to the right. You’ll see the signed trail on your left. After a mile or so, you’ll come to a powerline access road. Turn right and walk a short distance. Do not cross the bridge, instead turn right toward the falls.
Getting there:
Park on the south end of the Bridge of the Gods in Cascade Locks, Oregon at the rest area. The trailhead is located south of the parking area.
NOTE: NW Forest Pass required

Mosier Plateau
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Moderate |  3.5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 600 ft.

This trail begins in the town of Mosier and then ends up on Mosier Plateau. The trailhead is actually 1,000 yards east up the road from the parking lot, just over the historic bridge. You’ll see a bench just after crossing the bridge and a trail. This is the beginning of the hike. After a series of switchbacks and four sets of stairs, you’ll find yourself at the viewpoint, soaking up the outstanding Gorge views. The peak of the wildflowers being mid-to-late April where you will find over 30 different flower species!
Getting there:
From I-84, take Exit #69/Mosier. Follow the Historic Columbia River Highway into town. Park at the Mosier totem pole located mid-town on left/north side of road. Park here in the gravel or below the totem pole between Hwy 30 and the railroad tracks.
NOTE: No pass required

Memaloose Hills
wildflowers • view |  Level: Easy to Moderate |  3.5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 542 ft.

The trail begins across the road from the Memaloose Hills Lookout parking area. There are no signs at the beginning of the trail; just a path. Hike through a moderate oak forest and evergreens. Stay right and head to Chetfield Hill where you will switchback to the top for a spectacular wildflower show and views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams and the mighty Columbia River. The best time to hike is April and May.
Getting there:
Take the Mosier exit off I-84 and head east on Hwy 30 (old Columbia River Highway) to the Memaloose Overlook. Park at the Memaloose Overlook area. Hike begins south of parking area.
NOTE: No pass required

Tom McCall Nature Preserve / Rowena Plateau
wildflowers • view
Trail across plateau to river viewpoint: Level: Easy  |  2.2 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: none
Trail to McCall Point: Level: More Difficult  |  3.8 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,100 ft.

The Tom McCall Nature Preserve overlooks the Columbia River and provides gorgeous scenery and wildflower viewing. More than 200 plant species live here including grass widows, prairie stars, shooting stars, balsamroot, lupine and Indian paintbrush. Dogs, horses and bicycles are not allowed. Please do not pick the flowers and off trail hiking and camping are also not allowed. And remember to wear long pants if you’re taking the upper trail, as it passes through poison oak.
Getting there:
From Hood River, drive I-84 east to Mosier/Exit 69 and follow signs for 6.6 miles to the Rowena Crest Viewpoint. From The Dalles, take Rowena/Exit 76 and follow the old Columbia River Highway west to the viewpoint. Trailhead begins across from parking area.
NOTE: No pass required

Tamanawas Falls
waterfall  |  Level: Easy |  5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 600 ft.

Tamanawas Falls is another gorgeous waterfall in the Gorge and great for families. The two mile hike takes you through a lush forest along Cold Spring Creek with the destination ending at the 100-foot waterfall. An ideal hike for cooling down on a hot afternoon!
Getting there:
Follow Hwy 35 south of Hood River for approximately 22 miles. Look for a parking area a few miles past Cooper Spur, turn off just before Sherwood Campground. Follow the path to the footbridge crossing of the East Fork of the Hood River.
NOTE: NW Forest Pass required


Mirror Lake
wildflowers • view  |  Level: Easy to Moderate |  Elevation Gain: 780 ft.

This beautiful hike takes you to Mirror Lake and offers fantastic views of Mt. Hood. There is a 3 mile loop that takes you around the lake. The Mirror Lake trail is one of the few hikes accessible directly from Hwy 26, and thus is very busy on weekends. The best time to hike Mirror Lake is mid-week and early mornings to avoid crowds in order to have a good hiking experience.
Getting there:
From Rhododendron, take Hwy 26 east for 8 miles. Turn right (south) into the Skibowl West/Mirror Lake Trailhead parking area.
NOTE: NW Forest Pass required // MIRROR LAKE PARKING NOTE: Parking is no longer available off of Hwy 26, but only in the new parking plaza area that was finished in the fall of 2018 located immediately adjacent to Skibowl west along Hwy 26 near Government Camp. The trailhead is located behind the toilet facility.

Timberline Trail
view  |  Level: Easy to Advanced |  Optional miles, Elevation Gain: Varies

Timberline Trail, which takes off from Timberline Lodge, circles all around the mountain requiring multi-days to complete the entire route. There are options for day hikes as far as you like from either direction at Timberline Lodge. This particular hike travels what is known both as the Timberline Trail and the Pacific Crest Trail. Timberline Lodge has easy-going hiking trails accessible around the lodge for overnight guests and day visitors to enjoy throughout the summer. For a slightly more challenging hike, you can walk a mile up Mt. Hood and enjoy the views from Silcox Hut and the Palmer chair lift.
Getting there:
Drive south on Hwy 35 from Hood River for 38 miles. Merge onto Hwy 26/Mt. Hood Hwy via ramp to Portland 2.4 miles. Turn right on Timberline Road, travel 6 miles to Timberline Lodge for parking.
NOTE: No pass required


Between May 26 and September 4, 2023, from 9am to 6pm, a timed use permit will be required for each personal vehicle accessing Multnomah Falls from Exit 31. Multnomah Falls permits will be available online for a $2 transaction fee per vehicle.
For more information see and

Lower and Upper Latourell Falls
waterfall • view  |  Level: Moderate  |  2.4 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 500 ft.

Lower Latourell Falls is a unique Columbia Gorge waterfall due to the fact it drops straight down from an overhanging basalt cliff. From the Latourell Falls parking lot, follow the paved path to the upper viewpoint, then pick up the path as it reverts to dirt and climbs to the upper falls in a little over .75 mile. The trail loops back to the highway on the opposite side of the creek. You can walk back to your car on the highway or cross the highway down the steps to Guy Talbot State Park and take the paved trail east of the picnic area to the lower part of the lower falls leading you back to your car.
Getting there:
From the west, take I-84 to exit 28, turn west for 3 miles to trailhead. From the east, take exit 35 and travel 10 miles to the trailhead. To feel the mist from the base of the falls make sure to walk down the short path to the right of the parking lot.
NOTE: No pass required

Bridal Veil Falls
waterfall • view  |  Level: Easy  |  1.4 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 205 ft.

This is a quick, but nice easy hike that takes you to a majestic waterfall and then to clifftop overlooks offering views up and down the Columbia River Gorge. Bridal Veil State Park offers a parking area, picnic tables, restrooms and nice grassy areas for relaxing.
Getting there: From the west, take I-84 to Exit #28/Bridal Veil. Turn south onto the Historic Columbia River Highway and drive 0.75 miles to Bridal Veil Falls State Park on the left/north side of the road. Coming from the east on I-84, take exit 35 (Ainsworth Park) and drive 8.3 miles west on the Historic Highway to reach Bridal Veil Falls State Park.
NOTE: No pass required

Multnomah Falls/Wahkeena Falls Loop Trail
waterfall • view  |  Level: More Difficult  |  5 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 1,500 ft.

This is a waterfall lover’s dream! There are eight waterfalls on this trip including well known Fairy Falls and Wahkeena Falls. Although Multnomah Falls is the Gorge’s signature icon and the most visited attraction in Oregon, don’t let this hike scare you away. Once you reach the top of Multnomah Falls the crowds will fizzle and this hike is well worth it. The hike is steep at times and is paved near Wahkeena and Multnomah Falls.
Getting there:
Traveling on I-84, take Exit 28 or Exit 35 for the Historic Highway and drive to start the hike at Wahkeena Falls.
Between May 26 and September 4, 2023, from 9am to 6pm, a Timed Use Permit will be required for each personal vehicle accessing Multnomah Falls from Exit 31. Multnomah Falls permits will be available online for a $2 transaction fee per vehicle.
For more information see and
The forest service warns that while a ticket guarantees access to Multnomah Falls, it does not necessarily guarantee a parking spot.

Upper Horsetail Falls
waterfall • view  |  Level: Easy to Moderate  |  1.6 miles round trip, Elevation Gain: 440 ft.

Begin at the base of beautiful Horsetail Falls on the Historic Highway. A nice trail takes you to the upper falls, which flows over a cavern for relaxing and taking in the view.
Getting there:
Travel west on I-84 to Exit 35 for Ainsworth State Park to the old scenic highway. Parking lot is on your right at the base of Horsetail Falls.

Map of Waterfall Alley along Oregon's Historic Columbia River Highway in the Gorge

Between May 26 and September 4, 2023, from 9am to 6pm, a timed use permit will be required for each personal vehicle accessing Multnomah Falls from Exit 31. Multnomah Falls permits will be available online for a $2 transaction fee per vehicle.
For more information see and

The Dalles is the eastern gateway to the Columbia Gorge National Scenic Area and is sunsational

Explore The Dalles


This is where discovery meets history at the edge of the Columbia River. Just 90 miles east of Portland, The Dalles is a year-round escape with 300 days of sunshine throughout the year. This is the place where fishermen catch 12-foot-long river monsters, where bikers race to the peaks of Mount Hood, and where people of all ages can experience the art, culture, and history of The Dalles.

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Martin's Gorge Tours offers guided tours to popular hikes in the Columbia River Gorge

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Pacific Crest Trail Days will be held August 18 & 19, 2023 in Cascade Locks, Oregon

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Pacific Crest Trail Days is a festival that celebrates and promotes hiking, camping, backpacking & outdoor stewardship. Attendees can participate in activities, games, & presentations, win awesome gear at the raffles, listen to live music and get great deals on outdoor products at the Gear Expo and Marketplace. PCT DAYS is free to attend, with a fee for overnight camping. Vendors will be offering food, coffee, beer, cider, and non-alcoholic beverages. Don’t miss out on a great time at the 16th annual PCT DAYS, located in the Marine Park of Cascade Locks, Oregon on August 18 & 19, 2023!

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Waterfall Trolley


Want to avoid the traffic and parking problems on the Historic Columbia River Highway or having to make a reservation to actually see the Falls? Want to marvel at the sights and not miss the history and geography behind them? Enjoy your trip on the Historic Highway on Gray Line’s narrated Waterfall Trolley instead of worrying about the traffic, the road and parking. Hourly departures with 10 Hop-On Hop-Off stops from Corbett.

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