Sailors travel from all over the world to experience sailing in the Columbia River Gorge. Ideal conditions are made possible by the consistent and dependable winds that blow throughout the Gorge. Cascade Locks, Oregon is the home base for over 11 regattas annually. Not only is the wind great, the water is warm and the views are spectacular. Since 1998, sailing events include: Finn Nationals, Nike World Masters Games, Laser I-14, US North Americans, 49er Pacific Coast Championships, Europe Dinghy Pacific Coast Championships, Timberland Gorge Games, 49er Regatta, Tasar Regatta, Melges 24 West Coast Points Regatta and so many more! We invite you to not only see — but experience — the world class sailing that the Columbia River Gorge has to offer.

World class sailing race on the Columbia River with Washington in the background

A bit of history

The earliest record of a ship under sail appears on an Egyptian vase from about 3500 BC. Sailing boats, used on the Nile River, were simple, square-rigged reed ships with a single square papyrus sail attached to a mast when Vikings sailed to North America 1000 years ago. The sport of sailing was created in Paris in October 1907. It was called the International Yacht Racing Union before the name was changed to the International Sailing Federation on August 5, 1996.

—  2023 Columbia Gorge Racing Association Sailing Schedule  —

Rainier Cup
April 15–16

NWISA Gold Fleet Championship
May 6–7

Gorge Invite/Alumni Regatta

May 13–14

Wind Clinic A
July 10–13

July 11–14

Wind Regatta
July 15–16

Wind Clinic B

July 17–20

Opti Pacific NW Championship
July 22–23

July 28–30

Laser Clinic
August 1–3

Skamania Coves Invitational

August 4–6

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